Napoleone is our most powerful wine. Its proud, full-bodied character is mitigated by the sensations of ripe berry fruits that make it perfect for accompanying elaborate, full-flavoured dishes.

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Versatile, vibrant and juicy, Baldovino is like an old friend that can adapt to various situations; it is always dependable, but can also give a meal a welcome light-hearted mood.

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Crisp and refreshing, but with delectable aromas of pink flowers and red berry fruits. A wine whose apparent simplicity and easy-drinking style conceal the meticulous care we have devoted to its every detail.

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Baldovino Bianco

Graceful, delicate and gentle: that is the character of Baldovino Bianco. A wine that is delicious with the light, fresh dishes of summer.

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Made from specially selected grapes from the eponymous vineyard, San Isidoro is Pinot Grigio par excellence. The old vines, refreshed by the breezes of the Adige Valley, make each little berry into a jewel, in which the aromas and flavours are concentrated so as to produce an excitingly attractive taste profile.

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On the shores of Lake Garda, between Sirmione and San Benedetto di Lugana, we cultivate the Turbiana variety, which produces this lively, crisp wine with an inimitable goût de terroir.

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Elegance, delicacy and finesse are the qualities of this Classic/Traditional Method sparkling wine that came about as a bit of a gamble, to see what we could achieve with our Corvina. We are very proud of the result.

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We are one of the very few wineries in Italy to vinify Pinot Grigio using the Classic/Traditional Method. This wine is a tribute to a grape variety we love, and which has always been part of our story.

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This is a wine full of contrasts, in which the sweetness of its fragrance is counterbalanced by notable tanginess and freshness: for those who have the courage to dare, as well as to try out unusual food pairings.

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